December 30, 2014

Ace Hood - Trials & Tribulations (2013)

I wasn't expecting much from this, as trap rappers tend to put all their energy into one single and write the rest of the album as an afterthought. Bugatti is a dope song, but I wouldn't even say it's my favorite of the album (Another Statistic would probably clinch the top spot). Catchiest certainly, but despite the modern prominence of singles such as No Flex Zone or Hot Nigga, that doesn't mean it's the highest quality. 

I also wasn't a real fan of trap, before listening to this and a few other albums, but I'm beginning to find a new appreciation, as it definitely has its place. If you think trap music is annoying and detrimental to the image of hip-hop, you probably won't like most of the album. But hey, try some of the songs like Another Statistic and Hope, and you may find it's not the beats you hate, just the ignorant lyrics. 

Another statistic deals with the danger disadvantaged youth face, discussing the antagonism of cops and the dangerous aspirations of drug dealing which has enthralled many poor youth. Much of the album is more typical trap, covering the usual topics of money and the crimes he condemns on Another Statistic, but it's good for a basketball game or bumping in the whip (shout out to Feefo). Trap music has it's time and place, and as far as trap goes, this is near the top of the pile.


Trials & Tribulations