December 13, 2014

Blackout - Dreamworld (1995)

Blackout's production is invariably excellent, made even more incredible by his versatility. This album is nothing like the G-Funk of Guice's Ashes Off My Blunt, the chaos of Lil Terror's It's Whatever, or even the evil of Lil E's Playa For Life. Don't get me wrong, this is evil, but it's aptly named. Without the lyrics it's a dream, but it's a nightmare world of hazy demons and hypnotic killers. Hypnotic is probably the most apt word to describe it, and the repetition of phrases adds to the effect. I'm A Killer is the perfect example; there's no rapping, it's just various phrases repeated over and over again, combined with excellent production. On other songs it's less obvious, but the chorus is invariably a repetitive phrase, often interpolated throughout the verses. This is the psychedelic version of Memphis rap. Blackout at his best as a producer, and his rapping fits perfectly. A must-have for any Memphis fan.