December 26, 2014

Blak Huslas - Will I Be That G (1996)

Blak Huslas is a forgotten (or never known in the first place) gangsta rap group from Chicago. The windy city was kind of a mixed bag of styles. Some groups identified more with the stripped down and cold jazzy feel of mid 90s New York and some were more in line with California's g-funk; Blak Huslas fits into the latter. Still the Midwest g-funk--whether it was Michigan, St. Louis, Columbus, or Chicago--was a step and a half away from the Los Angeles feel. Most groups from the region are going to take on a colder and darker beat with more negative space. As far as rapping goes, you'll hear more rugged voices and deliveries. So that's the sound you're going to hear on this album. Like most underground Midwest g-funk albums these guys aren't relying on many hooks or even the instrumentals that much, so their flows and insights have got to be great, and they are. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this unknown release and I think it's time for this to be dug up again.


Will I Be That G