December 13, 2014

Clifton Chenier - Bogalusa Boogie (1976)

Look, I've listened to all of two Zydeco albums, so I'm not going to pretend that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to the genre. But what I do know is that this is awesome music. If you're unfamiliar with Zydeco, it's a Cajun synthesis of blues, soul, and swampland folk music complete with a standard rhythm section, harmonica, washboard, and of course, accordion. Clifton Chenier is probably the most well known artist of the genre, which is more or less available on record. Probably your best bet other than these few big names is checking out local groups in the South through community radio and small venues or just finding some killer compilation or local discs at your nearest hipster record store.


Bogalusa Boogie