December 10, 2014

Close Lobsters - Foxheads Stalk This Land (1987)

Yeah, I'll label Close Lobsters as a 'me too' band; jangle pop in the late 80s riding on the coattails of The Smiths, REM, and even The Replacements? It looks to me like they're only trying to fit in with the rest of the scene and get a bit of recognition while they can--think Slowdive for instance. But the music is appealing to me, consistent, and such great quality that after the first several tracks I'm able to forget my first impression and appreciate this album for what it is and more. These guys aren't doing anything revolutionary, but I won't even try to deny the fun in the jangly guitars mixed with Replacements-inspired basslines. A next-level must for any fan of 80s/90s alternative rock.


Foxheads Stalk This Land