December 5, 2014

DJ Screw - Chapter 119: No Drank (1995)

When most people think of DJ Screw they think of the shit like on his famous Bigtyme DJ mix: insanely slowed and psychedelic stuff with Bun B and Point Blank's voices super distorted and delayed. But those who are into Screw and the Houston scene would know about the other type of Screw tapes; the freestyles. Screw tapes would often feature half hour long freestyles from all of the Screwed Up Click (probably sitting on torn up couches in Screw's basement with their endless resources of codeine and PCP) in conjunction with the typical Screw remixes. Chapter 119 (or No Drank) is one of his tapes that I've heard that is entirely freestyle. And it's really awesome. The beats aren't the primary focus here, they're just slowed and looped and real subtle. And one by one Mello, Hawk, Pat, Keke, O, and PSK just cruise through on freestyles. It is like 100+ minutes long though so all the verses start sounding the same, but who cares they maintain some of the dopest, chillest, and most confident deliveries. Treat yourself and put this on late at night and lay back and chill for a nice 2 hours.

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No Drank