December 30, 2014

DJ Zirk - Nuttin' But Killaz (1994)

DJ Zirk is one of my favorite producers from Memphis and is always very consistent. Every one of the II Thick tapes he put out was just some chilled out, spooky, blunt-smokin' gold. This is the quintessential Zirk tape in my opinion since it's got a substantial amount of great music on here including some II Thick classics like "So High". Good for when you just want to chill out like the baller you are. Tinimaine, Primo, and Criminal Manne among others spitting some fire for this tape too. I have two tracklists, the first looking more legit since it's on the cassette itself, but the one I've always known is the second.

W/First Tracklist

W/Second Tracklist