December 24, 2014

Jodeci - Forever My Lady (1991)

Jodeci turned poppy, sensual new jack swing like Keith Sweat and Bobby Brown into bad-boy neo-soul oozing with sex. Like any new jack swing, Forever My Lady is heavily mastered for an extra smooth and sexy feel; I think I read somewhere that DeVante would use close to 80 or so keyboard tracks and like 30 drum tracks (check Complex magazine on that, I can't remember exactly). Aside from the majority of up-tempo tracks sounding cheesy, this sounds absolutely amazing and is a great reason for why they were affiliated with Suge Knight and Death Row later on. It kind of sucks that these guys got buried in the Death Row/Bad Boy madness, but we can't forget that they were the defining R&B of the 90s (fuck R. Kelly) and sold a handful of revolutionary platinum albums. And I've got to give my shouts out to them for repping my home town so well.


Forever My Lady