December 23, 2014

Juicy - It Takes Two (1985)

Regarded as a classic by 80s/90s club and urban radio DJs, Juicy is some sexy ass synth funk and sample magic. I only copped this a month ago after hearing the "Sugar Free" track on DJ Screw's legendary 3 N' Tha Morning mix. I was on a huge New Jack Swing and 80s funk kick then and I desperately needed to hear that track again if not the entire album... I was not let down at all. I had definitely heard the opener and title track on my city's 'Old School' radio station, and was grooving just as much then as when I was in my dad's car years ago. These grooves are effortlessly tight and with plenty of amazing synth, drum, and overdub work. I also obviously can't leave out how great of singers these two are; never over the top and always just float around their music hitting every dynamic perfectly. I understand if you think this album might be corny because of the cover--the 80s soul scene was all about that type of shit and I love it--but it's not by any means.

I'm Sugar Freeeeeee

It Takes Two