December 29, 2014

Lou Reed - Berlin (1973)

Lou Reed kept ambitions high in 1973 and went for a concept album made up of orchestral arrangements. This rock-opera's storyline is about street level people that meet each other and then everything turns to shit and ends up as a relationship filled with domestic violence, prostitution, suicide, and orphan-ism, blah blah blah.

Reed swung big here and while he didn't quite hit a home run, he got a couple of rbi's with a line drive into right field. This album is appealing to me despite the fact I don't usually go for big orchestra arrangements, glossy production, and an obvious plot, so that's a plus. Still, for those same reasons, I hold back before calling this a personal essential. While Berlin certainly blows a lot of hot air, I appreciate the songwriting and his vocal delivery on these dark issues (which I'm into--hopefully that doesn't sound too fucked up).