December 17, 2014

New Order - 1981-1982 (1982)

The best thing New Order did was this and Power, Corruption & Lies; then they put a ton of synths into their music and it just sounded like a much less exciting version of Pet Shop Boys. Factus 8 shows New Order not quite ready to leave the sound of Joy Division. Drum machines don't completely dominate the tracks here and we still hear the same kind of rhythms as what you'd hear from Morris in the previous band. Along with Power, Corruption & Lies, this is where Bernard Sumner has the most flexibility to his singing and a proper use of a vocal personality. No doubt he is influenced by Ian Curtis, but the songwriting is incredibly different and he has his own style. On Factus 8 you'll find synths and guitars perfectly mixed, a cold and dynamic post punk feel, the sloppy yet great Joy Division feel, and a fascinatingly catchy couple of songs.