December 22, 2014

Poor Righteous Teachers - Holy Intellect (1991)

It could have been a classic, but for whatever reason Poor Righteous Teachers was forgotten and now only real old heads or those of us willing to dig are ready to talk about them. This group fits in with the other New York artists of the time; their five percent teachings and warmer golden age sound aren't far from their big brother group, Brand Nubian.

Not terribly inventive, but really they're just a step under Black Sheep and X-Clan in that regard, and if the music is quality and memorable enough, who cares right? Holy Intellect is filled with fresh flows and butt-booty-naked-funky-new-radical-stanky-ass tracks with prime scratching from their DJ Tony D. I won't be forgetting Rock Dis Funky Joint, Butt Naked Booty Bless, or the Poor Righteous Teachers theme for sure.


Holy Intellect