December 22, 2014

PxMxWx - Legalize "Pass Tha Weed" (1993)

I only recently started making my way through bounce and Louisiana rap, previously only listening to the late Cash Money releases such as 400 Degreez, Chopper City in the Ghetto, and 500 Degreez. I've always considered Lil Wayne's early releases far superior to anything after Carter I, and as it turns out that Mannie Fresh production is classic Louisiana Bounce style. Mannie Fresh's body of work is pretty incredible, as he had his hand in almost every Cash Money release up to 2005 (around 80 albums), working with Def Jam after that, and producing all of MC Gregory D's albums before that.

Legalize is one of the first Cash Money releases, and of course Mannie Fresh is one of the executive producers. It has a more minimalist production, lacking the layers of later Mannie Fresh, but it's very well done. The production is somewhat muffled compared to other albums of the time, with less harsh snares, and more repetition. PxMxWx, also known as P.M.W., really want you to know how much they love weed. They're solid rappers, but the quality is inconsistent, with my favorite track dropping first- Still Smokin'. Fresh's production is likewise inconsistent, but always at least solid. Overall, it's a great album, inconsistent, but a good representative of its time.


Legalize "Pass Tha Weed"