December 5, 2014

Snoop Dogg - Tha Last Meal (2000)

Damn, this is sick! People need to stop comparing everything Snoop drops to Doggystyle. Of course it isn't going to be as good, that's like comparing everything Nas does to Illmatic, or everything Wu does to 36 chambers. You need to recognize that no album will ever match their prime, and then treat all subsequent albums as a separate entity. If you compare everything to the greats, you won't enjoy it as much. 

This is a fun album, and a great example of when features work perfectly. Some people hate features, but they can be great if used correctly. As the Doggfather demonstrates, the feature artist shouldn't overwhelm the main artist. Even with more features than tracks, Snoop still controls the mic on every song. There's never any question of whose album this is, as Snoop's confidence and control of the mic proves it beyond a doubt. There's great beats here too, banging G-funk joints. Snoop dropped some great albums.


The Last Meal