December 27, 2014

Southside Playaz - You Gottus Fuxxed Up (1998)

Yet another one of Mr. 3-2's 90s hip hop projects and it shows how this guy just lowkey dominated the Houston scene for the entire decade. I don't know how to illustrate the sound of this without just saying that it's right in step with the rest of the late 90s Screwed Up Click records. If you're not familiar with those just think, "Funky, synthy, and unrestrained emotional half rapped and half sung flows about chilling with homies despite ghetto depression". I'll admit it is a little long, but it's not that the quality decreases or anything. So at least listen to the heartfelt R.I.P. track to Fat Pat "Too Hott" where 3-2, Mike-D, and Clay join the entirety of the Screwed Up Click to honor their fallen homie for 8 minutes straight (plus there's like a 6 time overdubbed Big Moe Hook sooo).

Too Hott

You Gottus Fuxxed Up