December 11, 2014

The Galactic Force Band - Spaced Out Disco (1979)

Funky funky space funk. Most will know that theme from Space Dust, right before Snoop says ‘right about now’. Or maybe you’re a real old-head and you remember Rob Base and E-Z Rock in It Takes Two. Space Dust has been sampled all over, from Three-6 to Dizzee Rascal to Dice Raw. And yes, it is the best track on this album in my opinion, but the rest of the album certainly isn’t bad. This was released back in ‘78, and this relatively unknown band was fusing the spacy sound of themes from Star Wars, Star Trek, Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind, and 2001 with funk, creating a catchy sound. These are well-done covers; the band makes the songs their own, and I find them better than the original orchestral arrangements. The songs make you want to get up and dance, but it isn’t quite enough to make this a great album. The album is only 27 minutes long. Luckily due to the repetition of the songs it feels slightly longer than that so time isn’t really an issue. After a few listens though, the monotony of the tracks could get to some listeners. Definitely some funk everyone should hear, if only for it’s effect on hip-hop and funk, but not quite a classic.


Spaced Out Disco