December 4, 2014

UGK - Super Tight (1994)

This is the funkiest thang to ever hit hip hop. UGK was moving in this direction on Too Hard To Swallow, but once The Chronic and Above The Law started doing that g-funk stuff out West the whole game changed, but this is no copy of the Western stuff by any means. This is that Southern good shit through and through. As a kid who's spent most of his life living in central NC, done plenty of traveling through all of the South, and already a fan of the Hammond jazz junk, this is simply one of the greatest things to have ever come out to me. On Funkadelic's debut--I think it was on the opener--George says something like, "I left my little town in NC and got slick in NY, but I had no groove." Well I guess Pimp C knew what he was doing when he sampled What Is Soul on Three Sixteens.

Super Tight (320 KBS CD Rip)