January 29, 2015

El Dog Hoggs - Thankin' Mo (2001)

A pair of rappers from El Dorado, Arkansas. As you'd imagine this music is really just going to be a combination of Louisiana and Houston rap since Arkansas wasn't quite a hip hop epicenter for the dirty south. The sound is slick like "comin dooooown" Houston, but slightly more danceable with that Lousiana bounce coming in. While the hooks and refrains aren't particularly well thought out, these guys do know how to flow. It's obvious that the hoggs learned how to rap from listening to Screw freestyles and the Wreckshop Family (which they reference, and yes Hawk and Keke are featured on here). All in all, yes this is a good release, pretty great actually, and definitely worth a listen from any of you looking to dig up lost Pen & Pixel gems (literally--a diamond Arkansas?).

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