January 28, 2015

John Prine - John Prine (1971)

Don't forget to include John Prine the next time you have a discussion at the dinner table about who the greatest songwriters of all time are. He's got all the elements of a great folk singer; realism, humor, and personality. Looking at a song like Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore you'll see his political commentary is hilarious, effective, and genius. John Prine's not always funny though. In terms of politics, Paradise brings forth the still terrible coal mining and mountain top removal problems by brilliantly putting them up with his possibly real or possibly fictional fond memories and family history in Appalachia. Heroin addiction is another topic he likes to sing about, and any album with that really isn't a joke. Prine's debut also features possibly the saddest song of all time, Hello In There, about a retired couple that feel completely empty and useless. Prine brings the darker side to life and politics to you like it is with some macabre humor, which is always nice.


John Prine