January 4, 2015

Warren G - Regulate... G-Funk Era (1994)

I can definitely see why Regulate was such a hit and how it could generate such mass appeal, but I don't think it's any better than the rest of its album, and that's not a negative comment about the song. I'm only 18, but I'll assume this G-Funk Era was huge in the mid 90s after Death Row's G-funk blew up (just checked yes it was platinum). Alas, like Tha Dogg Pound's Dogg Food, another mid 90s platinum album, Regulate (not Regulate the song) is completely forgotten by the younger generation. While Warren isn't as incisive as Snoop on the mic, he does a great job fitting the super mellow mood with a surprising exceptional flow and stocks his album full of awesome features from a lot of otherwise nobodies. Warren G knows to keep this album at a concise 35 minutes since an album lacking somebody as great as Snoop or Kurupt just can't survive for much more than that. Put this on for a late night car drive and bounce to... and ya don't stop.


Regulate... G-Funk Era