February 21, 2015

Above The Law - Uncle Sam's Curse (1994)

The last of the great Above The Law albums shows Cold 187um's production in its final phase; at this point he had almost completely left the sound of Penthouse Players Clique and Kokane proto G-funk and created a strain of the subgenre totally different from the works of his once-partner, Dr. Dre. Even though many consider Black Mafia Life the start to G-funk (or at least the post Dre Ruthless G-funk), Uncle Sam's Curse is the more developed and focused of the two. Production is dark, juicy, and very laid back. KMG and especially 187's voices are much deeper, more menacing, and more gruff all around, probably on the orders of label head, Eazy-E, who was trying to prove a point to the world that Dr. Dre was a fake-ass busta. Consequently the raps are about dirty ass hoes, wearing locs, smoking ganj, why Dr. Dre is a bitch, and why they're top dog players that put the smack down and don't take any shit, with a few mild political statements thrown in. There aren't many fleshed out hooks like you'll find on something like Doggystyle, but that adds to the dark, true G feel of this album. What can I say? There's just something awesome about the way Cold 187um, KMG, and company rock on these lengthy tracks of gloomy g-funk. And just look at that cover, if that isn't weird and out of place enough for you, then I don't know what to say.


Uncle Sam's Curse