February 1, 2015

Black Hole Posse - Sounds of a Murder (1996)

I was very excited when I found this. A name like Black Hole Posse is dope and a cover with them in a graveyard with OG flannels, 40s, and baseball bats enhanced by a bloody font is right up my alley. Also these guys are from Denver, and I hoped they would open up a new unique sounding style I hadn't heard (not much different from Richmond or Sacramento, California or 90s Chicago). Unfortunately I was disappointed. Being completely honest there wasn't much exciting about this album at all. Hooks like "throw your hands in the air, from side to side and give it up to the mile-high" and "I live my life as a G, so niggas playa hate me" said in the most flat and uninspired way isn't going to cut it for a hook. Not a bad album, but there is much better underground rap than this. I know that underground rap albums are different for everybody, and I also know that all you UG heads want to experience as much stuff as possible, so I hope you enjoy the share.


Sounds Of A Murder