February 14, 2015

Dinosaur Jr. - Chocomel Daze (1987)

I guess listening to nearly a hundred different hood hip hop cassette rips trained me to have a good ear for this lo-fi stuff. Check nearly anybody else's opinion on this murky live recording and they'll say Chocomel Daze is nothing but shit quality crustiness on record, but I don't think it's bad at all. You might hear some overdubs on Dinosaur's studio albums, but that's just to add some refinement, even when performing live, this trio makes music you'd think a band of 6 was playing. The musicianship isn't just quantity either, for all the fighting that started between them around the time of this recording, they click like nothing else; J's guitar is all over the map and his distortion and other pedal work is so natural, Murph's drums loudly sludge on, and Lou, well he's just there to make some extra noise with his screams and punky bass froth. J's voice is a little under-miked but that only makes this album more surreal. Dinosaur Jr's melancholy and bittersweet personality is only enhanced by the recording, and the band is in prime form during its peak years. You should check it out.


Chocomel Daze