February 9, 2015

Fat Pat - Ghetto Dreams (1998)

My favorite of the big Screwed Up Click albums. To be honest, I was listening to this quite mindlessly for the first time, but halfway through the vibe reached out and really caught my ear. Ghetto Dreams has had high replay value since then. Every one of these songs is basically a Houston classic from the next OG person in the Screwed Up Click beside Screw himself. That half Pac-like, half codeine drawl is dope as hell; it's just clumsy enough to make the parlaying topics dope as hell and the real shit completely 10 toes down. Banger after banger, this album just does not stop. The production is hella unique as well. A lot of the SUC albums to come after this had an unbelievably crisp and lavish sound that kind of represented the lyrical styles of the rappers, but Ghetto Dreams, while celebrating all sorts of bells and 808s, had a narrower, simpler, and more smoked out mix that really does wonders for Pat's direct rapping.


Ghetto Dreams