February 28, 2015

Joe McPhee - Nation Time (1971)

Nation Time was always a cult favorite and over the past decade it's been gradually accepted by jazz fans as an essential listening experience. Here the younger generation of free jazzers collide with fusion and funk. While McPhee sounds like any of the early 70s free jazz saxophonists, his album is unique and moving enough to call a favorite. Crash cymbals, electric piano, hand claps, organ, guitar, tambourines, congas, and whatever else you can think of is included at some point in this nasty free-funk record. It's comparable to a Pharoah Sanders or Roscoe Mitchell record, fusion-era Freddie Hubbard and Stanley Turrentine collabs, or the jazz funk coming from Larry Young at this time, but probably the best way to describe this album is an earthier, grittier, and less urban version of On The Corner. A wild album worth hearing.


Nation Time (Lossless CD Rip)