February 17, 2015

Point Blank - Prone To Bad Dreams (1992)

"I hate the whole fucking world so the world better hate me/I bust in your house and kill your whole fucking family/I get so much pussy I think fucking is boring/Took 10 mothafuckas to the grave for snoring".

In two couplets you see what Rap-A-Lot was turning into. The Geto Boys had released a gangsta rap album harder than the already legendary N.W.A and Houston wasn't stopping with them. Battle rivals K-Rino and Ganksta NIP formed a Houston collective called the South Park Coalition which featured lyrics dense with mental sickness, and, well, mental sickness. These guys speak some of the hardest raps that go well above the boundaries of reality to prove a point at how insane they really are. Mass murder, rape, infanticide, necrophilia, and satanism are a few topics that spring up, but you have to understand that the SPC isn't glorifying any of that, they're illustrating the harsh reality of what goes on in ghetto Houston and what goes through their minds. Once you hear the tracks where multiple members of the SPC rap about how many prescriptions they're on it'll all make sense to you.

Let's talk about this album in particular. Unlike Ganksta Nip's debut, Blank isn't setting out to shock the world. Maybe that's one of his goals, but the lyrics are much more applied here. There are a few examples of story telling, but all in all most verses tie into each other and into a central theme; save for a few tracks, like the opener, but that kind of stuff is also needed in regulated doses to make the album enjoyable. As soon as you start listening you'll see how straight-arrowed Blank's flow is and how he builds off of each punchline to go into the next, a fantastic rapper that's been lost in history. The beats are funky, but not in the synthy, bassy way that would hit Rap-A-Lot in 1994. This is what I call the "Raw Funk". The beats are bouncy, heavy, featuring very up-front drum tracks, and work in just a few samples that usually include one funk guitar line. Some super essential Houston rap from one of the best hardcore rappers to ever do it. Oh yeah and I have to give extra love for the saxophone sample (or whatever it is) on the opener and, "Shot him 6 times in the neck, I would've shot in him in the head, but that's what they expected me to do". And that cover, damn!


Prone To Bad Dreams