February 13, 2015

Sinister - Mobbin' 4 Life (1994)

West coast OG shit, very similar to pre-Chronic g-funk like Quik Is The Name or early South Central Cartel. While Mobbin' 4 Life is straight gangsta rap, it yields a laid back feel and adopts some high pitched synths and ample bass in wake of the Chronic. Unsurprisingly, Sinister raps about living by the gun, and while he isn't a terribly unique voice, West coast fans especially will enjoy some dope and confident rhymes. If I must say, this is more of a second-rate Music To Driveby or We Come Strapped, and Sinister does sound quite a bit like Eiht. This late OG was close to being something or possibly being picked up for a role with a bigger artist, but his prison time and ultimate death makes him an obscure name in today's hip hop discussion.

Life Of A Sinner

Mobbin' 4 Life