February 22, 2015

Smif-N-Wessun - Dah Shinin' (1995)

The best Boot Camp Clik album I've heard and I it's all because of the beats. The guys from Black Moon, Heltah Skeltah, and O.G.C. are all some of the dopest rappers to represent the East coast; all making the murky/spooky/hardcore sound happen with their aggressive growls, cunning tradeoffs, and unusual lyrics. When it comes to 90s East coast hardcore, I prefer the simpler instrumentals like on Dah Shinin', it gives more room for these wacko rappers to go full out. Dah Shinin' is very, very boom-bap; most of the time featuring only a drum track, a simple bassline, and a few bells and sparsely placed horn echoes. The rappers not only get full attention over these simple, yet awesome beats, but the album has a chilled out, dark, and lulling feel that matches The Infamous in consistency (no not quite quality) and makes the 70 minute length become a non-issue.


Dah Shinin'