February 22, 2015

The Nerves - The Nerves (1976)

This little group with one short proper EP had a pretty impressive impact on the drastically changing music world in the late 70s. It's called power pop, but it's not the Big Star baroque pop kind; it's tighter, quicker, and poppier. With four tracks--none longer than 3 minutes--the group created a lasting influence starting with the biggest new wave groups like Squeeze, Talking Heads, and of course, Blondie, through the emergence of jangle pop with the Feelies and their disciples R.E.M., the pop-punk power of The Replacements and The Clash, and perhaps even their power pop grandchild, Weezer.

Alright, maybe I'm exaggerating the influence this short-lived trio had, but it helps put into perspective for my generation the importance of these small groups had in the shaping of the life of post-punk and its related genres, many of which never committed to record or only had 7-inches. The Nerves just happen to be a more well-known group because of that Blondie cover.


The Nerves