February 12, 2015

Threat - Sickinnahead (1993)

Sickinnahead is one of the rare West coast gangsta rap albums of the 90s that was untouched by the shimmering sound of g-funk. Threat is an affiliate of lesser known Compton rapper King Tee, Ice Cube found a spot for him on Death Certificate, so as you'd imagine the beats and rapping are going to be aggressive and powerful. Popular West coast producer, DJ Pooh, makes this fast, booming, and dense with overlapping funk guitar work and basslines. Think Ice Cube and Bomb Squad, but with more of a distinctive West coast feel.

Threat is a politically vocal rapper with an even keeled sense of rhythm, and Pooh is a dope producer, but neither of them are breaking out of the generic L.A. feel here or making anything with that much replay value. I'll be more tempted to put on Da Lench Mob or Above The Law, but there is something charming about this now-obscure L.A. testosterone rap that I'll always want to have.