March 19, 2015

2nd II None - 2nd II None (1991)

An early 90s Compton, California group that specializes in rapping about bitches, hoes, and fucking. If you don't like that stuff, proceed with caution. 2nd II None is produced entirely by the up-and-coming production star of the West, DJ Quik--who eventually had as much influence in hip hop beatmaking as Dr. Dre did. DJ Quik's solo albums are good, but god damn he's an ineffective rapper if I can say so. Here the rapping is done by the pair of KK and Gangsta D (whose voice is very similar to Quik's). These guys aren't legends, and for a good reason, but they hold some bounce and flavor and put a deeper sense of rhythm together than Quik ever would on the mic. The funky workings of some of my favorite samples into this borderline porno makes me enjoy this more than I should. If you have a sweet tooth for pre-Chronic g-funk and West coast coolness then give it a listen.


2nd II None