March 22, 2015

909 Boyz - Royal Flush (2000)

Seems kind of reminiscent of Phantom of the Rapra in the skits (cheesey but somehow they work). The first track ends with the kid looking in various color boxes which his dad doesn't like for some reason. Then in the second track the rapping starts, and it is on point. From the intro there seem to be 4 rappers: Freeze, Ozine, Seo Loc, and YG Seriaz. You can tell that it's from the 00's, as some of the tracks have that modern G-Funk feel, with a bit of crunk thrown in. But it also reaches back, with some Vontel worthy beats. The rapping is solid for a g-funk group. Each member has a distinct flow and voice, but they blend well, in some songs exchanging just a couple of bars each in a rotation. The biggest problem with the album is that it doesn't stand out as much as some. It definitely is in the top 30 percent of g-funk albums I've heard, but due to the number of g-funk albums I've heard that isn't enough. In such a narrow genre with so many artists, one must really differentiate themselfes; C-Funk, the king of upbeat fun g-funk, Vontel, the king of darker g-funk, and of course Snoop, the king of mainstream g-funk. Apart from those three, there are few g-funk artists I listen to with any degree of frequency, and 909 Boyz don't make that cut. They're definitely worth checking out if you love g-funk, but I wouldn't expect them to top your lists.


Royal Flush