March 20, 2015

Black 9 - Black 9 (1995)

Music is the key to a great drive; I will sit in my car for a full 5 minutes trying to figure out which album it's going to be, and that's because all of the small differences there really are between this West coast underground scene. I'm looking for more than that one hook or that one verse, I'm looking for a distinct atmosphere that fits the weather and my mood that only one album can provide; there are no two g-funk albums that sound the same.

Black 9's only album is slow paced and embodies Los Angeles g-funk with some obvious influences from Northern California like on "Back Down Memory Lane" or "Problem Child". I don't know who made these beats, but they are shadowy and melancholy and gooood. There are few features and the ones that there are stay mostly limited to hook singers, which are stunning, especially on that What's Going On inspired line for "Product Of Society". Black 9 doesn't sing like Z-Ro, but he should be with that groovy and chilled back flow. Putting the awesome rhythm along with some double rhymes and wordplay makes him one of the most skilled MCs from Los Angeles that sadly went unheard of. When you start to grasp how dope Black 9's rhyme scheme and flow is you'll be pulled into the lyrics for the entire album which is great for people that like to judge an album on stereotypes.


Black 9