March 17, 2015

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

I'll say it: this is the best album to come from the Native Tongues collective. The production is fresh and doesn't land on any cliches or even submit to more familiar Native Tongues sounds that came before them. I mean, who else could sample Jefferson Airplane without it sounding forced? If you like the more famous 3 Feet High And Rising, you'll most definitely like this as well since it's just a tighter and more meticulous version of that.

Dres and Mister Lawnge are undeniably convincing in the multitude of topics they cover and their snotty disses and childlike humor holds on to a unique maturity that makes it lyrically more complete than Jungle Bros, De La, or Tribe. The duo pretty much shits on everyone: hardcore gangsters, five percenters, women, men, blacks, whites, Asian cab drivers, you name it. I don't think I'll ever figure out if these guys are being dead serious, satirical, or somewhere in between. Hey, maybe they're not shitting on them as much as paying homage to all sorts of funky people doing funky things out there.

There are plenty of great East coast albums from the 1990-1992 golden age, but this one is incredibly different and no album I've ever heard has lit up and nailed so many cultural struggles with such a unique viewpoint and music this outstanding. A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing has made it's way into my theoretical top 10 albums and it's a serious contender for my favorite hip hop album of all time. It's nothing but honest and real, and that's the most important philosophical thing in making a good hip hop album


A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing