March 11, 2015

Brand Nubian - One For All (1990)

Brand Nubian was one of the most important groups when hip hop was entering the 90s. No, they weren't a part of Native Tongues, but they could be; five percenter messages are spread all through the lyrics and the positive message is too infectious not to compare to the popular alt-rap empire. The rootsy, reggae-ish beats and fly DJing will keep you bopping along to the unbelievable skill of the rappers. Grand Puba and Derek (Sadat) X blow any rapper in the comparable Native Tongues crew out of the water (except Dres of course). They rap fast, rhyme originally, speak real as shit, have massive flexibility and unpredictability in their deliveries, and are also hilarious. Brand Nubian doesn't bullshit around on skits or novelty tracks; it's one full funky cut after another with genre defining classics like Drop The Bomb and Ragtime thrown in there every so often. If you like layered funk sampling, Kool G Rap's lisp, positive-natured music, Do The Right Thing, or hip hop classics then this is for you. Oh and I'll let you in on a secret if you like this: go to the sidebar and find Poor Righteous Teachers and grab that album :)


One For All