March 20, 2015

C-Funk - Three Dimensional Ear Pleasure (1995)

This is upbeat g-funk at its best. With a talented playfully funky MC and nothing but the fattest funky beats, the album bangs from start to end. Unfortunately that's only 24 minutes. C-Funk's first release, I'm Out 2 Stoages is similar but without as much skill, and the energy isn't maintained as well throughout. 3D Ear Pleasure is the sunshine of a summer barbecue, but not too hot, just right for some spiked fruit punch. Actually make that Lime and Coconut. That track, the only one anyone seems to know from this album, is incredible. Using the lyrics from the classic Harry Nilsson track Coconut, it is the perfect g-funk track. The hook is out of this world, and it seems like Nilsson's track was just waiting to be put to a g-funk beat. This high quality track doesn't take away from the rest of the album, and doesn't actually stand out. While I would agree that it's hands down the best track off the album, it just all fits together so perfectly that it doesn't matter, perhaps partially due to the brevity of the album. Even if this album wasn't so incredible, you'd have to get it for the album art alone, a play off the artwork from the Parliament album Motor Booty Affair. G-funk's greatest influence has never been so obvious.


Three Dimensional Ear Pleasure