May 18, 2016

E.S.G. - Sailin' Da South (1995)

Sailin' Da South wasn't the first official Screwed Up Click album ever released (Bone Hard Zaggin and E.S.G.'s own Ocean Of Funk came before), but I think it was what really kicked off the familiar lavish style of the "Click". At first--and I'm talking waaaay back before I really got into dirty south rap--I didn't think E.S.G. was insanely talented on the mic and didn't have a magnetic personality on the level of Pimp C and Big Mello, but I've changed my mind. He sounds almost like a younger brother to Chad, but if you listen carefully you'll see that he reps the signature lazy S.U.C. flow whereas Pimp is a little quicker and is more up-front with his delivery. That slight shift in flow style makes all the difference, and E.S.G. was where the playalistic sound of late 90s/early 00s Houston hip hop was first heard. The catch with many of the dope Screwed Up Click albums is that they're so long and start to churn out generic track after generic track, but Sailin Da South is much more focused and only around 50 minutes. That might not sound like a big deal, but it is 3-4 potentially "whateva" songs cut out and also probably an easier record to digest for listeners who are new to the style. A classic album; every hook, rhyme, and gangsta tale should stick with you. I have to disagree with Jesse on this one, Ocean Of Funk is great, but these super slick beats on Sailin' Da South are just too infectious for me to not enjoy it more than its predecessor.


Sailin' Da South