March 31, 2015

Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Malik (1972)

You've all heard it whether it was on Nation Of Millions, Mystic Stylez, DJ Sound's Volume 3 mix, UGK's Banned EP or Too Hard To Swallow, Jay-Z or some other shit. That saxophone line is something that has stuck to hip hop forever and not once does it sound cliche when you hear it sampled. Unfortunately in most music circles, that (and the drum track on Hihache) is all the Lafayette Afro Rock Band is known for, and it isn't fair since they made a couple of amazing afro-latin funk albums. The entirely instrumental jam music isn't incredibly inventive, but is without a doubt much more charismatic than any other generic group of the time. Nobody else besides maybe Kool & The Gang had a horn section this fiery and driving, but Lafayette is far from sounding like them. Dirty rhythms, unrestrained conga madness, Mandrill-style funky keyboards, and the afro-latin soul makes this the real jungle boogie.