March 24, 2015

Lakeside - Fantastic Voyage (1980)

Lakeside is one of those few groups I'd consider p-funk that isn't Parliament. The cover, whistles, harmonies, and mixing sounds just like Parliament did at this time with a pinch more of disco and boogie. Even though the Parliament influence is there, the music is heading into a new land that focused on making the most sensual music with its watertight production. You'll hear this especially on the slower tracks where the band turns their music into the most shimmering form of soul music the world had heard up to this point. Lakeside gave the synthesizer a new name in the world of soul and Fantastic Voyage would prove to be massively influential for other artists coming up in the scene like Luther Vandross or Juicy as well as the popularity of the new jack swing singers in the late part of the decade, and I should also mention the everlasting sampling appearances in hip hop history. You've most likely heard the title track, but might not have a face or context to put it with, so here's the rest of this great album.


Fantastic Voyage