March 18, 2015

Lil Boosie - Life After Deathrow (2014)

This album has a lot of mixed reviews. Many have criticized Boosie for deviating from his normal sound, others have said that this is a normal continuation of his sound. This is the first Boosie project I've heard, and I was impressed. His melancholy flow on many of the songs, reminiscent of Z-Ro, works well with the funky yet modern beats. His voice is very distinctive, a southern drawl different from his fellow Louisianian Lil Wayne, sounding a little more Texas-like. Similarly to Wayne however it sounds like Boosie puts a lot of work in the studio.

And apparently Marshawn Lynch and I have similar taste, cause No Juice is the shit, perhaps my favorite track from the past five years (Game- The City might top it).


Life After Deathrow