March 10, 2015

Parental Advisory - Ghetto Street Funk (1993)

Dungeon Family was already setting itself aside from other Atlanta rappers and producers of the time; I'm talking about those who were beginning to identify with the Memphis crunk beats. If I knew nothing about Parental Advisory, I wouldn't think twice about calling them a New York group produced by Buckwild. Organized Noize proves to be even more diverse by skillfully warping the The Chronic's uber-funk and the fluttery production from Pharcyde. The MC's follow the same influences, whether that be the dudes in Gravediggaz, Black Moon, or even Souls Of Mischief. For one more comparison I can call this a no bullshit version of Odd Squad's first album. It's a shame that all I'm able to do right now is name drop, but it's hard to describe such a sound so alien to its home city. Anybody can enjoy this immediately, but it would make more sense if you listened to Organized Noize's more obviously Southern flavored later works. A fresh junt indeed.


Ghetto Street Funk