March 21, 2015

Pink Floyd - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn/Pink Floyd (1967)

I'm sure I'll love LSD when I finally get around to trying it, as I've loved every album I've heard that stems from its influence. Some say there's a fine line between genius and insanity; that seems to be a false dichotomy to me, as Syd Barrett is straddling that line at this point in his career. This album is the mind of Barrett put into music, with all of its strange nooks and crannies. From the strange noises of Pow R. Toc H. to the ethereal melody of The Gnome, the release is as psychedelic as one album can possibly be. Of all of Pink Floyd's albums it's my favorite, but it's somewhat misleading to attribute all of their albums to one artist. The Pink Floyd of Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (or Pink Floyd in its American release) is entirely different from that of Animals or DSotM. This Pink Floyd is entirely driven by Barrett. From this Pink Floyd we only have this album and half of Saucerful of Secrets, which acted as a transition towards Waters taking the lead role in the band. This is the original Pink Floyd, and to those who say it 'doesn't sound like Pink Floyd', do your research so you don't sound so ignorant. Barrett created Pink Floyd and while it changed after he left, this album will forever embody the original pink floyd. As I mentioned in my review of Barrett, the world lost a genius when Syd moved firmly across the line to insanity.


Piper At The Gates Of Dawn/Pink Floyd