March 7, 2015

The Showboys - Drag Rap (1986)

You can't really say you're knowledgeable about Southern rap without at least recognizing this beat. People have been twerking on this in New Orleans since the 80s, this spawned the gangsta walk in Memphis, and had an influence on the 80s Houston gangsta rap from Prince Johnny C and Captain Jack. The record was made by a short-lived New York duo and didn't grab much attention up there, but the South saw something in it and as soon as just one DJ laid it down Drag Rap was there to stay. I'm totally surprised that Drag Rap isn't talked about as an influential gangsta rap track along with Schoolly D, KRS-One, and N.W.A as much as it is a staple of Southern hip hop. Since we have been posting so much Southern hip hop here, a copy of this needs to be available to all of yall.


Drag Rap