March 13, 2015

Tom Skeemask - Solo Tape (1996)

Tom Skeemask was a part of the Gangstashit posse, or in other words he was one of DJ Squeeky's homeboys. There were a handful of producers, dancers, and rappers to come before Squeeky, but he was the one that turned the Memphis hip hop scene into how we see it today. The very slow crunk beats and pitch-shifted samples are what Squeeky found gave the best backdrop to the Satanic and threatening messages about murdering and dragging to ditches. One of my favorite qualities of underground Memphis hip hop is the isolated and surreal darkness that finds its way onto most of the tapes, and this is no exception. Yeah, there are probably stronger tapes than this one, but it's still damn legit and very representative of the style nonetheless.


Tom Skeemask