April 9, 2015

Al Kapone - Sinista Funk (1994)

Sinista Funk is a higher end Memphis rap album that's probably still bumping all over South Memphis and Frayser today because of how classic this is to the city. The recording quality is very clean and features thick G-funk beats along with sounds standard to Memphis at the time; country slang, church bells, crazy lyrical style, and halloweeny-beats. The guitar work on here, most of which is live, I'd assume, is some of the best I've ever heard on a hip hop album, rivaling Super Tight, Players Like Us Takin' Over, and No One Can Do It Better. The beats carry most of the album; it's not that Kapone isn't a good rapper, but I'd say that he's not as effective as he can be. His flow and voice don't have enough stomach to it to flow properly over the dense guitar and bass work on here. Not really problem at all, but if you're looking for a rapping showcase of this very influential Memphis emcee, then I suggest you check out Pure Ghetto Anger or maybe Da Resurrection. Sinista Funk is still an album I come back to frequently and is one that's on the level of his other works purely based on the replay value of these funky ass beats and raps. My favorite tracks off of this are Fa Da Love Of Money, Full Of Indo, and the high-budget reworking of his underground hit, Lyrical Driveby.