April 8, 2015

B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta - Real Brothas

Real Brothas is the only album that belongs to Eazy-E's powerful henchman on Real Muthaphukkin' G's, and it's a good one. The music side of the album, the bulk of which was finished days before Eazy's death, was handled by the cats at Ruthless Records. The album's marketing was handled by Def Jam and Outburst though, so this isn't officially in the Ruthless catalog; though it might as well be. Rhythum D and Doctor Jam (also producers on It's On) make the beats here and they might be the most representative instrumentals of West coast hip hop ever made. Seriously, I'm surprised none of the tracks made it onto the San Andreas soundtrack; come on, even Guerrillas In Tha Mist found its way on there. Despite Real Brothas not fairing well commercially at the time of its release, it has snowballed into a West coast cult classic, especially with the help of the internet as it was never reissued. Songs like D.P.G./K and 50/50 Luv are heralded as classics by the real-deal hip hop heads, but I must say that my favorite track off the album is the Compton & Watts record because it's no doubt the hardest cut and still has a strong Ruthless/Death Row beef flavor in its mouth. Real Brothas might not hold the attention of a hip hop novice, but any listener looking for a next-level classic will absolutely love the 100% pure West coast sound on here. Anyway, I was lucky enough to find a great quality CD of this all the way in Charlotte, NC and was willing to pay the $35 on it, so enjoy the lossless rip, which is probably one of the few versions floating around on the internet right now.


Real Brothas