April 2, 2015

Blue House Boyz - This Is How We Chill (1996)

An underground Northern Cali EP that's nicely produced. Nothing revolutionary, obviously, but it does sound very slick with all those sweet synths and piano lines and feel-good basslines. Their flows are nice and typical of the Bay Area about being yourself and bringing nothing but the realness; notice the reference to Souls Of Mischief and Bay Area slang. There's also one guy on here that sounds very similar to a Black Mafia Life-era Cold 187um's high-pitched croaks which is why I'm biased to this particular album. Another also/in particular; This Is How We Chill demonstrates the connection the Bay Area had to New Orleans--even the OG's talk about how there was a relationship between those to opposite corners of the U.S. which is cool to see.


This Is How We Chill