April 20, 2015

Cypress Hill - Black Sunday (1993)

With as much love as the 90s East coast gets today, it's easy to forget that the West was filled with smash hits; Bone Thugs were a worldwide sensation, Death Row was a monster label selling albums by the tens of millions, and then there was everybody's favorite Mexican bong fanatics. If my parents were bumping Membrane in the early 2000s, then I'm sure there isn't a single person that hasn't heard the song or Cypress Hill.

But hey, maybe you're completely new to rap and want to see if these guys have any depth beyond that hit, they do. While their first three albums are hailed as classics, Black Sunday is the one with Insane In The Brain and a bunch more that sounds like. I think everybody agrees that Cypress Hill were the most pestering rappers ever, and I think that's also why everybody loves them, especially when combined with their stoner identity. Despite a considerable increase in dedication to marijuana over their first album, it should be noted that these guys aren't pushovers, because this is one hell of a gangsta rap album. Check out the cover if you want a clear picture of what's going on in these dudes' heads. DJ Muggs is the dude that makes the beats and they were so popular, especially on Membrane, that he had to make another song with the same horse sound, this time with Irish and Estonian rappers that became almost as famous as the original.


Black Sunday