April 13, 2015

Dr. Dre - The Chronic (1992)

A rougher version of Doggystyle and I think Dre's voice and delivery fit the more rugged sound (while Snoop's smoothness fits Doggystyle). The track progression in the opening half is pretty damn good. The switch from The Day The Niggaz Took Over to Nuthin' But a G Thing always gets me. I'm always slightly disappointed at how this album tapers. I'm puzzled by how neither Dre nor Snoop appear on Lyrical Gangbang, but that's fine I guess because Kurupt, Rage, and all them do a solid job, it just seems to deviate a little. Then Dre loses all the momentum on High Powered, a short flimsy track with RBX taking a lazy verse. Then there's the pointless sex skit, never works does it? There is some recovery at the very end with Bitches Ain't Shit that ultimately leaves a great taste in my mouth.

Now there are people that call The Chronic the origin of g-funk, but contrary to popular belief, the West had already been full of funk, synths, and heavy bass; just take a look at The Chronic's predecessors: Efilzaggin, No One Can Do It Better, Paid The Cost, Short Dog's In The House, and Quik Is The Name. The Chronic was a stepping stone and part of the evolution; it didn't magically appear and dictate how G-Funk was supposed to sound. It did, however, create its own version of g-funk that would go on to be massively successful and loved by a large audience and shoot rappers like 2Pac, Warren G, Snoop, and Dre himself to superstar status. Overall I think The Chronic is a great album, but it is prone to wearing out the more you play it and the more music you listen to. No matter what your stance on the album or Dr. Dre is, you can't spend a lifetime without experiencing this album.