April 15, 2015

JJ Fad - Supersonic (1988)

Despite making some of the hardest beats besides Terminator X and Bomb Squad in 1988, Dr. Dre still wasn't finished with the electro-hop he was known for in the mid-80s. Ruthless Records wasn't just a gangsta rap label either; Michel'le was a semi-popular R&B singer who was down with the label as well as this electro girl group, JJ Fad. Most female hip hop groups in 1988 were pretty corny; a lot of them were marketed almost as an extension of early 80s disco-rap which is kind of shitty, but that would be turned around in the next decade for sure. Unfortunately JJ Fad isn't much of an exception to the trend and their cheesy lyrics just beat me in the head, but their speed and synchronization should be enough to hold you over. Dr. Dre's production is no doubt the selling point of the album with pulsing beats are jamming straight through with plenty of cowbell and bass to get you to move.